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Ebola Update

Ebola Update for AFSCME Members

The United EMS Workers and AFSCME are concerned about the Ebola outbreak just like the rest of the nation. But unlike the concerned public, we are on the front lines providing vital healthcare services to the public, including patient care, emergency medical response, hospital triage, and environmental cleaning services.

"EMS professionals are often the first point of contact for people seeking medical attention, and we will need intensive training to properly deal with the Ebola virus," said Sami Abed, paramedic and president of AFSCME Local 4911. "Right now our union is working with local officials to ensure companies implement the highest standards to protect workers and patients."

OSHA’s new Ebola web page provides guidance for protecting workers from exposure to the Ebola virus. The new resource covers hazard identification and characterization, medical information, applicable OSHA standards, and recommendations for prevention and control of exposures to Ebola.

Click here to view the latest Ebola information on AFSCME.org.

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