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Tuesday, Sept. 23, is National Voter Registration Day! It’s important to make sure that your voter registration is up to date well in advance of Election Day, Nov. 4.


Senator Warren has a message for AFSCME members. While Senator Warren is not on a ballot this November, she reminds us why it’s so important that we get out to vote this fall.


When I heard about the death of Maria Fernandes, an exhausted worker who died while napping in her car between two of her four jobs, I felt an immense sadness that quickly turned to anger.


We will never forget.


Contrary to conventional wisdom, Medicare costs aren’t a budget buster. The nonpartisan budget scorekeeper, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), reported last week that Medicare spending is declining.


In case you missed it, we put together a very short video of Sen. Mitch McConnell and the secret audio of his remarks to a group of billionaire right-wing donors.



Notice is hereby given that per Judicial Panel case NO. 14-13 UEMSW Local 4911 will be conducting nominations and election of officers, board of directors and trustees

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On Labor Day weekend, millions of Americans will enjoy the final stretch of summer.


It is way past time Congress understood that women's issues are not an afterthought but are of critical importance to the economic health and well-being of our nation.


We asked AFSCME members to share their talent on stage at the 41st International Convention and the results were amazing.


This November, AFSCME will work overtime to support candidates who will protect collective bargaining rights, preserve retirement security, and ensure that every American has decent health care coverage.


Read between the lines, because Charles Koch's toxic vision for our country is still evident.


Rep. Paul Ryan keeps trotting out the same old plans to shred the U.S. safety net but calls it something else. His most recent scheme to cut anti-poverty programs comes with buzzwords like “innovation” and “flexibility,” but it’s the same tired ideas.


Opponents of labor unions were rubbing their hands gleefully earlier this summer when the Supreme Court ruled that home care workers didn't have to pay "fair share" fees. But our union is a testament to the power of collective action.


Watch AFSCME member Maricruz Manzanarez's powerful story on why we need immigration reform.


In a rousing keynote address at AFSCME's 41st International Convention in Chicago, Secretary-Treasurer Laura Reyes told the assembled delegates that unions do make a difference. Click through to watch the video highlights.


We kicked off the 41st International Convention in Chicago with some big news: our union is 92,155 members stronger today than it was just a few months ago. Watch highlights of Pres. Saunders' speech by clicking through.


The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that home care and child care providers members were not required to pay fair share dues.


Home care and child care workers will continue to stand up for quality care in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling in Harris v. Quinn.


EMTs and paramedics suffer three times as many workplace injuries as the national average.


PayWatch Raises Awareness about Income Inequality Read more >>>

New AFSCME campaign will grow the union by 50,000 members before the 2014 Convention in July. Read more >>>

Last month’s employment figures are in, and things don’t look good. Read more >>>

by Olivia Sandbothe

Low-wage workers in certain federally funded jobs will see a much-needed pay increase, thanks to President Obama.

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Members of United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911 leaflet a JP Morgan Healthcare Investors Conference. Read more >>>

EMTs and Paramedics will be collecting canned food on behalf of San Francisco and Marin County’s Food Bank to ensure no one goes hungry this Thanksgiving.

EMS professionals of Santa Clara County vote to ratify their first contract as United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911. Read more >>>

This past week, EMS professionals from all around the West Coast rode 271 miles from Reno to Sacramento on a bike to honor those in the EMS field who have been injured or killed in the line of duty. They were taking part in an annual tradition called the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride. Read more >>>

Emergency medical service providers save lives every day—and right now they’re struggling to save their own livelihoods, so they can keep doing this crucial work. Read more >>>

Emergency medical services professionals in California and Arizona voted earlier this month to unionize with United EMS Workers-AFSCME. Read more >>>

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals at First Responders EMS in Sacramento have voted overwhelmingly to move forward with United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911. Read more >>>

Each year, Santa Clara County proclaims a week to recognize the importance of EMS and the life-saving professionals who make it happen. This time, workers also called on everyone to work together to move EMS forward in their county. Seventy workers were in attendance wearing buttons that read “Stop the Delay.” Read more >>>

Five United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911 members are honored for their heroic life-saving duties.

The California Ambulance Association (CAA) annually recognizes paramedics and emergency medical technicians who go above and beyond the call of duty. A ceremony was held for them in Sacramento, CA to honor their heroic actions and extraordinary professional achievements.

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New England EMS workers wasted no time in joining our California counterparts in becoming part of United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911 – and they did it by an even bigger margin of victory!

Coming on the heels of Wednesday’s California election, where EMS workers in more than a dozen counties voted in United EMS Workers-AFSCME with 77% of all votes cast, New England EMS stepped up Friday with a 90% victory in our election results. More than 2,300 EMS workers in two days have voted to become part of United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911.

"This is a great victory. It means we’ll be getting more respect for what we do, and for EMS in general it means we’re on our way to making this a profession and not just a job.”
- Matt Anderson, Paramedic 


September 27, 2012 (San Francisco, CA) -- EMS professionals employed by American Medical Response (AMR) in more than a dozen counties across the state voted decisively yesterday to join United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911. Having faced layoffs, attacks on their health benefits, short staffing, and even AMR’s attempt to block their election, workers set out to build their own democratic and accountable AFSCME local union to better engage on professional matters with their employer. In yesterday’s election, they won with 77% of the vote.

More than 2,200 EMS workers are voting in representation elections this week to join United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911. In New England, more than 500 EMS professionals are taking part in on-site elections today and tomorrow.

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Oakland-  The EMS workers at Rural/Metro of Northern California voted overwhelmingly by a margin of 2-to-1 to join their brothers and sisters within AFSCME Local 4911, United EMS Workers, who are working at Rural/Metro's 911 operation in Santa Clara County. Over the last few months, they've stood strong because they know they deserve dignity and respect for the important work that they do. "By joining United EMS Workers/AFSCME Local 4911, we’re bringing dignity to EMS in the bay area,” said new member Chris Barney. Read more >>>

  • More EMS professionals at the Rural/Metro 911 division in Santa Clara County, CA voted unanimously this week to stand with their co-workers in United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911.
  • Our election date is set in Northern California. The National Labor Relations Board is sending out ballots by mail on September 6. Ballots must be returned to the NLRB by September 24.
  • The National Labor Relations Board is in the process of determining elections dates so that New England workers can have a real voice on the job.
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We Remember 9-11-01

It's time IFT workers at Rural Metro have a seat at the table when it comes to our jobs and the services we provide to the community. That's why we're voting for United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911! Having a strong union with democracy and accountability will give us a real voice just like our coworkers in 911. Together, we can have a say in the decisions that affect our jobs and our working conditions.

Our election date is set...

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EMS workers are featured in the most recent edition of AFSCME WORKS. The below is an excerpt; to read the full version, click here.

A group of uniformed EMTs and paramedics from the New York City Fire Department traveled to California this winter and successfully helped organize 260 paramedics, EMTs and vehicle supply technicians who work for Rural Metro Ambulance in Santa Clara County, Calif. These men and women, known as Volunteer Member Organizers (VMOs), spoke with their California counterparts about their own experiences with AFSCME, and made the case for joining United EMS Workers – a family of 20,000.

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6/11/12...As emergency medical services workers, it is our duty to protect the public's health every day by responding quickly in our communities. In order for us to provide the best care possible, AMR needs to do their part in protecting our health and safety...

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Every day, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, dispatchers, chair car drivers and support personnel serve our communities.

When injured or seriously ill, Americans rely on emergency medical services. These women and men come day or night, to provide professional care that saves lives. That tireless service – and the need to give them adequate tools to provide it – is the focus of this year’s National Emergency Medical Services Week.

The week is set aside for AFSCME’s 1.6 million members and others across the nation to recognize the incredible work of these providers. We honor the dedication, skill and sacrifice of EMS workers, who make the day-to-day heroism of lifesaving medical services happen.



Modesto, CA… A crowd of EMS workers held a rally calling for democracy outside a meeting Tuesday where their employer—American Medical Response (AMR)—was scheduled to appear. 60 Paramedics, EMTs, Dispatchers, and Vehicle Supply Techs from across Northern California carried signs, wore buttons, and were prepared to deliver a petition bearing several hundred signatures asking AMR to allow them to proceed with their union election for a stronger voice for EMS.

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Less than a month after 260 EMS workers in Santa Clara County, Calif., voted overwhelmingly to join United EMS Workers, another 140 in Solano County voted to do the same. The paramedics, EMTs, dispatchers, and supply service techs at emergency medical services company Medic Ambulance, will now stand with thousands of EMS workers across the country to take on issues affecting the life-saving services they provide every day.

“The community wins when we stand together as a strong union and stick up for the work we do,” said Casey Vanier, a paramedic at Medic Ambulance. “Residents are counting on us to be there, and that’s what United EMS Workers is all about. This is a great victory for our shop at Medic Ambulance!”

Founded on the principles of strength, accountability, and democracy, United EMS Workers-AFSCME Local 4911 was formed by private sector EMS professionals across the country because of the need for a union with both local strength and national unity.

Jenalee Corsello, an EMT at Medic Ambulance, was among the 93 percent who voted for a stronger union.

“I voted United EMS Workers because we need a unified voice at Medic Ambulance for EMS workers and for the public we serve,” she said.

In the coming weeks, EMS workers at Solano County will nominate and elect coworkers for their bargaining team and shop stewards after certification of their election victory.

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Victory at Rural/Metro

United EMS Workers/AFSCME Local 4911 is built on strength, accountability, and democracy

San Jose, CA… In an historic election, 280 private sector EMS professionals in Santa Clara County voted decisively to build their own local with AFSCME. EMS workers at the emergency medical services company, Rural/Metro – including Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Vehicle Supply Techs – will become a part of the same national union that represents 20,000 EMS workers including the Uniformed Paramedics and EMTs of the FDNY. With 4 options on the ballot, last night’s vote count clearly showed that Northern California EMS workers are ready for national unity. 113 voted to join AFSCME, and not a single worker voted to have no union.

"The support we got from other AFSCME locals during this process is just amazing,” said Samantha Tennison, a Paramedic with Rural/Metro. “It feels good knowing that EMS workers on the east coast and around the country have our backs. This is going to unite EMS workers nationwide.”

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A strong foundation for a union of EMS workers comes from the membership and must be built on accountability and democracy at every level. That's why we are standing together as United EMS Workers/AFSCME across Northern California. The UEMSW/AFSCME Bylaws (subject to member ratification) reflect what EMS workers have been calling for all along - a member-driven union.

Click to read the Bylaws that are pending member ratification.

AFSCME BLOG | February 07, 2012

In a national campaign to win respect for EMS workers, uniformed EMTs and paramedics from the Fire Department of New York City are joining forces with their peers in Northern California to help build a new AFSCME local for emergency medical service workers on the west coast.

"Seeing our fellow EMS workers come out here and offer their help shows what national strength and unity really means," said Sam Tennison from Rural/Metro, a medical transport service, in Santa Clara. "We've gone far too long without a real voice. Standing together as United EMS Workers/AFSCME means people just like us are here and have our backs when we call on them. That's what national strength is about.”

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Dear Fraternal Sisters and Brothers of the United EMS Workers:

The Uniformed EMTs and Paramedics of Local 2507 represent EMS professionals working alongside the firefighters of the FDNY. Our local has a 50 year history as part of the 100 year history of organized labor in the City of New York. We hope you had a chance to meet some of our member volunteers on the ground in Northern California who know the benefits of being part of a strong national union – AFSCME.

A vote for United EMS Workers/AFSCME will ensure your seat at the table on a local, state, and national level.


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