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Employees shouldn’t have to risk their health to do their jobs. Four out of 10 private-sector workers come to work sick – or don’t get paid. The picture is noticeably different for state and local government workers, where union membership is stronger. Nine out of 10 workers in state and local government receive paid sick leave and, of those who belong to a union, it’s nearly everyone – 97 percent.


Pregnancy should not cost women their paychecks. But that's exactly what happened to UPS delivery driver Peggy Young when she became pregnant in 2006.


President Obama's willingness to act on immigration while Congress dithers and delays is admirable. Read President Saunders' Huffington Post article on it here.


We know that money can be a big obstacle when it comes to higher education. That’s why AFSCME provides scholarships to help members and their families reach their educational goals.


We are very pleased to announce that Chad Johnson will assume the roll of Interim Administative Chief for Local 4911. The Board of Directors approved his appointment earlier this week.

As Interim Administrative Chief, Chad will help get the day-to-day operations of Local 4911 in order while supervising staff, assisting stewards, bargaining, and anything else that supports our local. His Interim status will continue until the local hires a permanent Executive Director. Once that occurs, Chad will step back into his role as the AFSCME Area Fields Services Director (AFSD) for California.

While working for Local 4911, Chad will report to the Local 4911 Board of Directors. The AFSCME International Union has also agreed to pay his salary with no additional costs being paid by the Local.

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18,000 Nurses who work for Kaiser Permamente are on a 2-day strike. We're asking every member to please stand in solidarity with these nurses and support them as they fight for a fair contract, which includes better patient-care standards and improved Ebola precautions and training. We want to send the message that their fight is our fight too!


It is important to remember that we are still obligated to continue to do our jobs and deliver services despite these strikes. We have reached out to the NNU and they know we may have to cross their picket lines to ensure that our patients get the care they need.

You can get more information on the Kaiser nurses strike and how you can show your solidarityhere >>> NNU Strike Packet or on their website NationalNursesUnited.org


Fellow Members of United EMS Workers,

I’d like to thank all of our supporters and all the members of our union. The vote was clear and decisive, with as much as 70% of those that voted, voting for myself and the other candidates on our ticket. Our team views this overwhelming majority as a clear mandate for change. The members have spoken – they want our union run differently and they want a change. I will work hard for this union. Along with the other officers and members of the new Board of Directors, we are going to get this mess straightened out.

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Ebola Update for AFSCME Members

The United EMS Workers and AFSCME are concerned about the Ebola outbreak just like the rest of the nation. But unlike the concerned public, we are on the front lines providing vital healthcare services to the public, including patient care, emergency medical response, hospital triage, and environmental cleaning services.

"EMS professionals are often the first point of contact for people seeking medical attention, and we will need intensive training to properly deal with the Ebola virus," said Sami Abed, paramedic and president of AFSCME Local 4911. "Right now our union is working with local officials to ensure companies implement the highest standards to protect workers and patients."

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The American Arbitration Association (AAA) counted the ballots for the leadership election on Thursday, October 9th, and the results are below. The AAA certified election results have been approved by the election committee.

President: Sami Abed
Vice President: John Riddle
Secretary: Dave Styles
Treasurer: Craig Dailey

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